BattleGoat Studios



BattleGoat Studios is a Canadian Software Developer committed to developing leading edge “Intelligent Strategy Games” for the PC.  Founded by George Geczy (Lead Programmer) and David Thompson (Lead Designer), the team firmly believes that Strategy Gamers are looking for more sophisticated games that also remain fun to play. BattleGoat insists that their approach to development will always emphasize an accurate, heavily researched environment assuring players an entertaining and immersive gameplay experience.

BattleGoat are proud that 2008 marks both the release of their sequel to Supreme Ruler 2010 with the anticipated Supreme Ruler 2020 and also the 25th Anniversary of the original Supreme Ruler text-based strategy game (released in 1983 for the TRS-80).

In December 2008 BattleGoat Studios released their first expansion titled Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis available by digital download. In September 2009 the expansion was bundled and released as Supreme Ruler 2020: Gold.

In July 2011 BattleGoat Studios released their 'post-WW2 era' title named Supreme Ruler Cold War.

March 7, 2013 - BattleGoat Studios has today reoccupied the Rhineland with their announcement of Supreme Ruler 1936.  This historical real time strategy game is scheduled for release in Q4, 2013.


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