BattleGoat Studios

  Feature Highlights  
  • Improved Graphics with Higher Resolution Maps and Units.
  • Improved Sound and Music, including Region-specific background music.
  • Next Generation AI .
  • Streamlined Interface for easier play options.
  • Advanced "Single Map" Design.
  • Play in a small Region or Play the Entire World!
  • High Resolution Satellite Imagery courtesy of NASA.
  • Real-time gameplay options.
  • Multiplayer support for up to 16 players via LAN or Internet.
  • Extensive economic and political model.
  • Exciting new Sandbox mode that lets Players customize their playing experience!

  Minimum System Requirements  
  Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
Pentium III 800+, 512MB RAM
3D Graphics Card with 16MB+ Video RAM
DirectX 8.1 or Higher
DirectX Compatible Sound Card
CD-ROM Drive

  BattleGoat Studios would like to thank Military Periscope  
  The Periscope site was a great resource for military information from around the world. It provided a starting point to the world's current military allowing us to build our military ORBATS for the year 2020. To learn more visit Military today.  

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