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  Supreme Ruler 2010 encompasses Military, Economic, and Diplomatic elements in a Real Time / Turn-Based Strategy Game.

"Supreme Ruler 2010 looks like an easy game on the surface, but what lies beneath the surface is an intellectual challenge".
  Download the Supreme Ruler 2010 Demo!!!
  The demo is a fully functional version of SR2010 containing three scenarios and two missions; it supports Single Player and Multi Player gameplay. (Matchmaking using GameSpy is available with other demo versions). The Demo does not include any “Campaigns”, and it also does not include Nuclear Weapons. (96MB) - demo update also available.
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  More than Just a Game...  
  While Supreme Ruler 2010 makes a great strategy/wargame or diplomatic challenge, the depth and attention to detail can also make SR2010 a great simulation and learning game. Whether it be military tactics, economics, or geo-political relationships, SR2010 can have a 'serious'side too. If you're using SR2010 as an educational tool, we'd like to hear from you... more  
  Read Larry Bond's Foreword  

BattleGoat Studios is very pleased to have best selling fiction author (and award-winning game designer) Larry Bond contribute the foreword to the detailed 152-page manual for Supreme Ruler 2010.
NOW ONLINE - read Larry Bond's Foreword to SR2010!

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