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Update 8 Available.
This update will provide a free upgrade that includes the Global Crisis Expansion.
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(April, 2011)



The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Supreme Ruler 2010...
SUPREME RULER 2020 Release Date - June 17, 2008.
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  Control a Nation... Build a Military... Conquer the World! Supreme Ruler 2020 is a Geo-political Real Time Strategy Game of unmatched scale and detail!  

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Fueled by Oil, Political Instability, and Regional Disparity, the World descends into chaos. Economies collapse... Tensions escalate... Trade wars lead to shooting wars... Nations dissolve... Amidst this anarchy, take control of your government, economy, diplomatic relationships, social policy and much more! Will your leadership take you to new heights of power, or will you be nothing more than a footnote in history?

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