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Supreme Ruler 2020: GOLD

Supreme Ruler 2020:  GOLD

Release Date: September 18, 2009
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Update 8 Available.
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(April, 2011)

  The world needs a leader. At last, your time has come.  
  • Over 30 scenarios spread across the original campaign and the thrilling expansion as players march towards World War III
  • Control one of more than 250 real-world nations and territories from around the world
  • Three customizable Single Player 'Sandbox' Campaigns
  • Multi-player support for up to 16 players, including special multi-player scenarios
  • Use high-res NASA satellite imagery to manage your sprawling empire
  • Control hundreds of realistic military vehicles using a sophisticated tactical command system
  • Detailed Tech Tree and Research system
  • Sign Treaties and Trade for resources, technologies, and units
  • Use Espionage to steal techs, sabotage enemies, and more
  • Realistic World using detailed diplomatic, economic, and political models
  • Advanced Multi-Threaded AI engine and multiple difficulty levels
  • Great flexibility, either through modding or a limitlessly customizable Super Sandbox mode

  Take a Nation. Build an Army.  
  Conquer the World  
  The US Dollar crashes. In a single night, the world is thrown into turmoil. As global instabilities intensify, countries jockey for military alliances to secure the world's shrinking resources. In ''Supreme Ruler 2020'', it is up to you to you lead a nation in a world that has fallen into anarchy. Continue your reign in ''Global Crisis''. Face an even more devastating and realistic experience through a sandbox-style campaign that takes into account real-world headlines for a chilling portrayal of tomorrow's chaotic world.  

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