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Get ready for an interstellar adventure! @BattleGoat Studios’ newest planetary real-time strategy title Galactic Ruler is now out on Steam at 25% off! Explore procedurally generated planets, galaxies, and stars, and engage in larger than life space fights!

Galactic Ruler
Full #Steam #ReleaseDate August 3, 2022

Space-based real-time strategy, procedurally generated galaxies full of planetary systems, goal is to rule it all! Currently in Early Access.
#GalacticRuler #BattleGoatStudios @BattleGoat

More: https://nanogamingnews.com/2022/07/22/galactic-ruler-to-leave-early-access-in-august/

BattleGoat Studios Announces Full Release of Galactic Ruler on Steam


More at: https://bunnygaming.com/news/battlegoat-studios-announces-full-release-of-galactic-ruler-on-steam/

BattleGoat Studios is very proud to announce the Official Release of Galactic Ruler - tactical and strategic gameplay on-planet and in-space! Check out out on @Steam today! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1138440/Galactic_Ruler/

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